(verb) (-tia) to form, fashion.

Ka haere a Tāne, whakaahua i te oneone, he wahine māhana. Ko Hinehaone te ingoa o taua wahine (Tr 1874:34). / Tāne went off and from the earth he formed a woman for himself. That woman was Hinehaone.

Māori Dictionary


Ad Voorspuij known as Quavion, is a graphic designer from Ouderkerk aan den IJssel, the Netherlands. His WHAKAAHUA collection is inspired by this word from the Māori language with different meanings. They are digital collages of portraits of women composed with different parts of different photos. So completely new women have been created. Some are printed on canvas whether or not modified with acrylic paint.

Collection WHAKAAHUA


Quavion is a passionate graphic designer who makes designs for various graphic expressions, such as websites and printed matter. He approaches his designs as unique works of art, with the wishes of his client as starting point.

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